Case Study: TeePlug

Creating a web application for TeePlug, the subsidiary simplifying the process of ordering custom t-shirts online.

We were tasked with creating a web app for users to customize and order custom t-shirts. The goal of the application was to simplify the process of ordering custom t-shirts. 

Canada’s leader in promotional products and branded goods commissioned us to create a product making it easier for customers to place small orders. They specialize in large-scale orders and find it slightly cumbersome to deal with small orders. At the same time,  it felt equally as cumbersome for their smaller customers to place small orders. The solution to this problem was a web app that limited the need for a sales representative to oversee the process.

The Creation Process

Once we received the brief, we began researching. What makes a good editor? What was important. What are the the pain points we need to address? How could we simplify the process to the absolute max?

Some of our findings were that people don't care about fabric makeup or printing processes. Many customers wanted a cheap t-shirt for their event that they knew they would only wear once. We settled on offering three predetermined tiers of t-shirt; basic, premium & deluxe. Think single wear, event t-shirts on one side of the spectrum to everyday, retail quality t-shirts on the other side.

Throughout the process, we created dozens of creative assets from logos & icons to a full brand design system.

Testing & Iterating

We chose a soft launch approach for the purpose of bug hunting and edge case testing. We launched a small marketing campaign to analyze how users interacted with the website, monitoring for any unanticipated issues. As with all software, admittedly there were plenty of bugs.

Our experience and knowledge told us that desktop would be king with TeePlug. We prioritized the desktop experience over the mobile experience. In fact, our launch version of the application didn't even feature mobile support for the editor.

After our soft launch, we realized that we had underestimated the demand for mobile support so we rebuilt the editor for mobile, free of charge.

Ongoing Work

We're continuing our marketing efforts, fixing bugs and driving revenue.

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